Judy C. Morelock - Experienced Sociology Professor

Judy C. Morelock

An experienced sociology professor and social justice activist, Judy C. Morelock earned a bachelor's and masters degree in sociology from the University of Tennessee. During her time at the post-secondary institution, Judy C. Morelock founded the school's first women's rights organization, the Feminist Coalition, and marched in support of a black studies program. She earned a PhD in sociology at Pennsylvania State University in 1976 and served as president of the Sociology Graduate Student Association.

In 1987, Judy C. Morelock was hired as an associate professor of sociology at Tennessee's historically black Knoxville College and, in just four years, became department head, a position she held until 2003. During this time, she taught courses on social inequality, American society, and the history of civil rights. The recipient of a meritorious service award from the NAACP, she maintains close friendships with several hundred of her former students.

Since 2003, Dr. Morelock has taught sociology courses at the University of Tennessee, where she earned positive student evaluations as well as an award for excellence in teaching. In her free time, she enjoys weight training, walking her dogs, and hiking.